Published Date : 2019-05-23 (Modified Date : 2019-05-23)

Role Function

  • Preparing draft plans, policies and programs regarding development of physical infrastructure, its implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Transport (Except Air Transport) and transit management and its operation related policy, draft preparation, program implementation, monitoring, regulation and evaluation.
  • Inspection, approval and implementation of plans and policies related to the construction and development  of roadways, waterways, railways, subways, flyovers and ropeways.
  • Strategic roads (except rural roads and local roads) and bridge (except suspension bridge and local bridge) construction, renovation and preservation.
  • To coordinate with the international agency for the construction of roadways and ropeways.
  • Corporation, company and association concerning transport (except Air transport) and transit management and operation.
  • Relation with international institution and organization for management, operation and inspection of transport (except air transport) services.
  • Study, investigation, data collection and analysis of transport facilities.
  • Various units including Road Board, railways and transport management related other institutions.
  • Engineering council and Engineering consultant and the related institutions.
  • Railway, Metro construction, operation and maintenance.
  • Operation of Highway and Railway sub groups of Nepal Engineering Services and Civil Engineering Group.

            (* Government of Nepal (Allocation of Business) Rules, 2072 )


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Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport

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