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  • To enhance the economical and social development of country by connecting different geological and econimic sectors through the national strategic transport network by developing infrastructures such as roads, railways, waterways and ropeways.
  • To link rural sector to the local markets and to support different economic activities and projects functioning in the tourism, agricultural, electrical, industrial, and other sectors of Nepal.


  • Infrastructure development for national integration, socio-economic development and peace.


  • Preparing draft plans, policies and programs regarding development of physical infrastructure, its implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Transport (Except Air Transport) and transit management and its operation related policy, draft preparation, program implementation, monitoring, regulation and evaluation.
  • Inspection, approval and implementation of plans and policies related to the construction and development  of roadways, waterways, railways, subways, flyovers and ropeways.
  • Strategic roads (except rural roads and local roads) and bridge (except suspension bridge and local bridge) construction, renovation and preservation.
  • To coordinate with the international agency for the construction of roadways and ropeways.
  • Corporation, company and association concerning transport (excpet Air transport) and transit management and operation.
  • Relation with international institution and organization for management, operation and inspection of transport (except air transport) services.
  • Study, investigation, data collection and analysis of transport facilities.
  • Various units including Road Board, railways and transport management related other institutions.
  • Engineering council and Engineering consultant and the related institutions.
  • Railway, Metro construction, operationa nd maintenance.
  • Operation of Highway and Railway sub groups of Nepal Engineering Services and Civil Engineering Group.


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